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腰痛(Alison Andrus)ー英語


Izumi sensei did not just give me information on how to live a healthy lifestyle, but he worked closely with me and taught me realistic applications to succeed. He taught me about living food and how to feed our bodies the proper nutrients. He took time to show me daily exercises and stretches. He adjusted me without contorting my body or forcing an unnatural “popping” sound. When I first started, I was overweight, in constant pain, and basically just surviving. Now, I am living! I have lost 30 pounds, I exercise regularly, and my back is pain free for the first time in literally years! I have become a true believer in healthy and I wouldn’t be in this place without the help and care of Izumi Chiropractic.

Trying to sum up how life changing this experience has been for me in a few words is near impossible. Thank you very much for everything.

I am almost done with the cleanse and feeling great!

Alison Andrus


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